Sensor development and calibration method 

for inline detection of viscosity and solids content of non-Newtonian liquids

WP2 - Review of the impact of non-Newtonian physics on rheology measurement techniques

WP2 will study the physical behaviour of complex fluids by means of existing viscometer techniques and rheometers. Current models of the relation between shear rate and viscosity will be compared to experimental results and the investigation includes both experimental and theoretical work on:

  • Wall slip in rotational viscometry 
  • Time dependent behaviour of fluids (thixotropy) 
  • High gel strength fluids 
  • Accuracy of measuring viscosity at very low shear rates and at very high shear rates 
  • Viscosity measurement of particle-laden fluids 
  • Influence of solids content and particle size distribution on viscosity 
  • Determination of critical Reynolds number to determine onset of turbulence 
  • Measurement of viscosity and relationship between wall shear stress and (generalised) Reynolds number in the turbulent regime