Sensor development and calibration method 

for inline detection of viscosity and solids content of non-Newtonian liquids

WP1 - Development of standards for non-Newtonian viscosity

WP1 will develop a set of calibration standards in the form of standard reference materials (SRM) for complex fluids in the range of viscosities, densities and temperatures that are of interest for the stakeholders. It will include a: 

  • Review of the previously developed reference fluids by NIST and PTB for Power Law fluids for lab scale use
  • Evaluation of the uncertainty of the viscosity resulting from the physical properties of existing and potentially relevant alternative viscosity measurement techniques
  • Development of a set of non-Newtonian calibration liquids as Standard Reference Materials with specified uncertainty budget
  • Definition of a standardised calibration method for viscosity measurement devices measuring non-Newtonian fluids at a range of temperatures and rates of shear in their operational environment.